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Keith Francis Huling

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1960, grew up in Kansas City Completed his BFA at the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1984 Lives and works in Flagstaff, Arizona

Much of Huling's training was done in the academic tradition in which he worked in his early years. The turning point towards his personal style occurred after his meeting with a well known American painter Keith Crown. Huling says about this turn in his creative development: “He really opened my eyes and heart to translating visual experience into language of two dimensional painting. His inventive composition and structure and emotive color are evocative of a jazz improvisation…I found very liberating…Translating that emotion into my work is paramount to my aesthetic. I anguish over the process until I feel I have captured the essence of the original inspiration”.

Keith Huling's Fauvist style and Blue Phase paintings exhibited here, exemplifies the best his anguish and battling of hues to achieve an original construction of intellect and feeling which, as he says, “can only be felt in the heart”.

Current Exhibits:
2007 Will Mcnabb Jewelry and Gallery, Flagstaff - one man show 2008 Tanglewood Fine Arts, Flagstaff 2008 Showspace Gallery, Flagstaff 2008 Handmade Gallery, Flagstaff
2008 Coconino Center for the Arts, Preludes 2008
Sharon J. Richards

Former Special Education Teacher Former Potter, Textile Artist; Works in Mixed Media and Collage Lives and works in Flagstaff

Sharon Richards has a love affair with textile as art. Her mixed media work that contains fibers, dyes and stitches shows her mastery and accomplishment as a contemporary artist. Her work is often abstract or semi-abstract. In his article about Richards and her art (Northern AZ Mountain Living, March 2008), Seth Muller describes the mood created by her designs as “reflective and ethereal” and “… like surreal landscapes - places where any colors can meet one another.” Richards believes in the interconnected web of life and respect of nature and people. She grows as an artist with every new work created. “It is the journey, not the destination, that is important”, said she.

Sharon Richards' art from the series The Universe has a meditative quality. The colors are deep and rich, creating a fusion of light out of darkness. The starry shapes and ornaments create an illusion of third dimension. One dives in - free to fly.

Exhibits and Accomplishments:
Co-chairman for ACF Art Programs Co-chair for Its Elemental and Open Studios Mountain Oasis, Flagstaff - one person show Aristocraft Studio Flagstaff Café Express, Flagstaff Flagstaff Airport Flagstaff Public Art Exhibit Tohono Chul, Tucson Art in Boston, Phoenix Coconino Center for the Arts (It's Elemental, Prelude, Night Visions, Recycled Show)
Mohammed Mountir

Mohammed follows closely the style and technique of his father Brahim Mountir. Both are from the village Tidzi, Morocco. Both painters found their inspiration in the dense forest of “Argan” trees. The trees are not represented realistically. Being stripped of their leaves and fruits in the paintings, they appear to be symbolic, spiritual, mystical representations of reality. The paintings' technique is known as pointillism - a composition using million ns of tiny dots applied with a quill. The pigments used for colors derive from plants and flowers harvested during spring time.

The delicate touch in applying tint drawing is reminiscent of Japanese prints. But it is a real coincidence, since the Mountirs never traveled or knew about Japanese prints. (Excerpt taken from French text by Georges Lapassade, English translation by I.Batan)

The painting is from the private collection of Mr.Stephen Lock of Venice Beach, California
Abdelllah Elatrach

Born in 1972 in Essaouira, Morocco Former Shoe-mender, Baker, Merchant, Sculptor Self-Taught Painter Lives and Works in Morocco

Elatrach is highly influenced by the local popular culture. His most common themes are related to Aissaaoua and Regraga Brotherhoods. His paintings have in common a central motive that creates a persona with antithetical faces. But the composition spirals out of the virginal and fertile imagination of the artist. Elatrach's dexterity is represented in the dynamic diversity of the objects, somehow reminiscent to Surrealists.

Though he never traveled abroad, the artist's work bear a striking resemblance to Vodun - the South American ritual cult known for its plastic expression. The diffusion of African culture all over the world emerges at many levels and eventually reflects itself in this artist's work. (Excerpt from French text by Georges Lapassade, transl. I.Batan)

1996 Essaouira Galerie d'Art Frederic Dmagaard 1996 Agadir Galerie d'Art Artomania 1996 Meknes Centre Culturel Francais 1997 Belgique Anvers, Musee Royal des Beaux Arts 1998 Essaouira Galerie d'Art Frederic Damgaard

The paintings come from a private collection of Mr.Stephen Lock, Venice Beach, California