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Timothy Prow: Challenge in Truth/New American Style
Alena Goldberg
Owner and Art Director, Showspace Gallery

Our challenges may be new…
but those values…
honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity…
these things are old – these things are true. What is demanded…
is a return to these truths.

President Obama in his inaugural address

Timothy Prow believes in living in truth. Although this is his personal principle, it reaches further to the experiences in our modern American culture. Mr. Prow’s conceptual art embodies some of those experiences. Rich with emotions, his paintings reveal the challenges we may be faced with, the defeats we must overcome, the rights we must assert and the contentment we find within ourselves and others in returning to truth.

Some of Prows’ paintings, especially those made earlier, show darker, often imposing colors that create almost a flat surface with only a few optical illusions of depth. Some of his paintings may suggest discontinuity and interruption in his early life: bridges without shores, mazes with no exits or riddles without answers. Doubts are expressed and questions stay unanswered, personal and social values are questioned.

Other works seem to be painted in lighter colors with less shadow. With more harmony achieved between the colors, the combination of hues is pleasing to the eye. Some of the titles may be still questioning the established truths but in a rather humorous way. Other titles refer to states of being, contemplation or contentment. In the comparison with the earlier paintings, one feels as if the author’s mood changed from the deeply pensive to the more playful one.

The newest of Timothy Prow’s paintings have more contemplative feel and are in the harmony with his current spirit. They achieve an illusory three-dimensional space, allowing others to share what was previously only the privacy of his mind. As if reaching for the truth through the void of cosmic destiny, one feels contend and in peace.

Mr. Prow takes a new challenge to spray, paint and scrape his stories onto the painting. His stories are true; his questions curiously contemporary, his values extend to others. His life and art is interchangeable.

Showspace Gallery is proud to re-introduce Timothy Prow’s mixed media paintings to Flagstaff and to be first to exhibit the “New American Style” paintings of this very talented, fast emerging and widely appreciated painter.


In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage, to know who we are…
yearning; there is the most disquieting…loneliness. (Alex Haley)

Mine is a new style of art, abstract yet conceptual, rich with emotions of a modern American experience. Mine is The New American Style. My paintings are a record of my life experience. Many have shocked me with their truth. Others expressed a truth I have already known. All of them I am thankful for.

The story they tell is still new to me: new, because for thirty eight years I was told one story. Then suddenly that story was no longer true. All of the characters have not yet taken the stage. Those characters exist for others in my life but have not yet been revealed to me.

Five years ago, I picked up my first can of spray paint and embarked on an adventure into uncharted waters for the understanding myself. The process that has unfolded before me is in part an intuitive knowledge and the following of that small voice inside of me that says “do it”. Trusting that voice and learning the lesson that each painting brings to me is my challenge.

When I enter the studio, I have no idea of what is about to happen. It is action without contemplation of right or wrong. I SIMPLY PAINT.


● Applesauce Tea House, Flagstaff, AZ
● Little America Hotel, Flagstaff, AZ
● Abundantia, Bisbee, AZ
● Juried Public Art Show, Flagstaff, AZ
● Mountain Oasis, Flagstaff, AZ
● Main Street Art Gallery, Littleton, Co
● Daniel Fine Arts, Littleton, Co
● Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ
● Open Studio – Self Hosted, Flagstaff, AZ
● Showspace Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ
● The James Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Gallery Representations:
● Abundantia, Bisbee, AZ
● Daniel Fine Arts, Littleton, Co
● Showspace Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ
● The James Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

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